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We know money is tight, but every little bit helps fund the fight! It’s time for a generation of dynamic leaders to emerge – and we can start right here in Missouri’s 3rd District. Thank you for your support.


“For the next three months, before the open primary on August 2, my home district is going to let me know their thoughts, their fears, their hopes, and their priorities. My job is to listen.”


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Missouri’s New 3rd Congressional District

“2018 GOP Primary Vote, by County – Third Congressional District”

source: @Missouri_Mapper


June 26, 2022

NewsMagazine Questionnaire

Our campaign was recently asked the following questions by a regional Newsmagazine.  Mr. Hill was glad to have the opportunity to provide the following answers, and we look forward to their publication.  [Note: answers were required to be 100 words or less] Economic stability (consumer goods costs, job growth, a balance of debtors and creditors) creates economic confidence that encourages …

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June 7, 2022

Ciskowski Endorsement

For release: Dustin Hill, candidate for U.S. Congress in Missouri’s 3rd district, is grateful to receive the endorsement of Josh Ciskowski, his former opponent for the Republican nomination. Mr. Ciskowski is passionate about the well-being of the 3rd Congressional District, and believes its constituents deserve representation that prioritizes their families’ futures – not re-election.  He brings to our campaign an …

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May 16, 2022

Our Ukraine Conflict

My fellow Missourians, In our current age of high-tech (high-expense) conflict, war has become a business, fueled by a ruling oligarchy armed with a no-limit credit card that they don’t have to pay off.  Our grandchildren will. Our military and intelligence involvement in the Ukraine is just the latest stop in a series of military misadventures that reflects the fractured …

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May 7, 2022

Give Congress a Raise!

Congratulations – you’ve made it to Congress.  Let’s make you a millionaire. * *Restrictions will apply Our government was founded with the knowledge that power corrupts otherwise good people.  Money and power are delightful poisons, and like our other favorite intoxicants, they cloud the vision we need to live better.  As our society has struggled through its Age of Decadence, …

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