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Dustin Hill, candidate for U.S. Congress in Missouri’s 3rd district, is grateful to receive the endorsement of Josh Ciskowski, his former opponent for the Republican nomination.

Mr. Ciskowski is passionate about the well-being of the 3rd Congressional District, and believes its constituents deserve representation that prioritizes their families’ futures – not re-election.  He brings to our campaign an intense work ethic, a depth of knowledge of Missouri’s 3rd District, and a shared conviction that American citizens deserve more from their federal government.  We will be a better team with him on board.

Josh initially joined the race because he feels deeply about:

  • Limiting the influence of career politicians, and the very real human costs associated with that influence, from the political to the economic to the cultural.
  • Playing offense – not defense.  DC has become a stagnant social club.  We need to elect hometown outsiders who understand our future is on the line, and who will act accordingly.
  • A return to small government values.  Today, federal intervention is looked to as the solution to every problem.  The result is rampant social friction, and chronic mistrust between citizens across America’s uniquely varied geographies.
  • It is time to bring America home.  Career politicians and their donors profit handsomely from endless wars at our families’ expense, and it simply cannot continue.
  • The House of Representatives was never meant to be a safe haven for the fifteen-, thirty-, or forty-year career politician.  It is time for the House to return to its grassroots.

Missouri’s 3rd District can start a national trend this election by sending a new kind of Congressman to Washington, DC – the first of what is hopefully a wave of a new generation of dynamic leaders ready to take on the important issues of our modern age by sticking to the principles that made our nation great.

Dustin Hill is a veteran leader and ready to serve on this new battlefield.

Onward to the open Republican primary August 2nd!

Mr. Ciskowski can be reached for comment at

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