An American Realignment

Our Founders introduced a system in which the successes of statesmen were tied to the economic prosperity of the Citizen, which was ensured by political power protecting individual liberties and the free market.

The fiat and endlessly-printed currency eroded our culture and good governance.  Money is a value of wealth.  Our government, with our central bank, has disrespected that value, stolen that wealth, and turned our economy from production to plunder.

The United States leads economically, because of military might and the dollar’s global reserve status, which are linked and dwindling.  To lead in a new age, America has to rediscover the principles that made it the prosperity powerhouse previously.

The Federal Reserve must be truly independent.  The central bank needs only one mandate – price stability.  The money supply has to remain flexible and electronic in a modern global economy.  The federal government, were the Fed independent, must stay within its means and not be able to extract the rest through inflation.

The Federal Government must downsize.  Myriad departments, agencies, and programs relentlessly fight among themselves and elected officials for more authority over our lives and bigger budgets.  Every crisis, foreign and domestic, becomes an opportunity to expand, instead of a problem to solve.

The Banking System must decentralize.  Return banking to state and local operations that retain wealth locally and are never ‘too big to fail.’  Our banking system has been revealed to be a weapon that can used against political dissidents internally, and strategic rivals internationally.

The American Citizen must remove the entrenched political class.  We must affect an American Realignment if we are ever to realize an American Renaissance.


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