My fellow Missourians,

The Honorable Billy Long, U.S. Representative for Missouri’s 7th District, submitted an opinion piece entitled “It’s the illegal immigrants, stupid,” which was published on 27 April in The Washington Examiner.  It was with great interest that I read his words and listened to Mr. Long discuss his op-ed on 93.9 The Eagle, in Columbia, Missouri, with its host, Mr. Branden Rathert, a day later.  As immigration is and should be one of the most important issues on which the American public must judge its political leadership this election year, I am obliged to share my opinion in this matter.  It is with the utmost respect that I must disagree with Mr. Long.

It’s not the illegal immigrants, sir.

For two decades, I protected the foreign policy of the United States in warzones around the world, from Afghanistan to Iraq and Syria and back again.  I’ve seen every kind of refugee – the kids in camps, the women begging in the street, the men selling their stories to make for a new life in some welcoming western paradise.

We pitied them, the miserable wretches, sometimes to the point of frustrated hatred.  We were told to distrust them, we were trained to suspect them, we were ready to kill them, lest we be the next victim of some plot disguised under their tatters.

All this misgiving is an effective cover for the realization that, if not for the luck of one’s birth, we would be one of them.  That cover has worn thin with years of age and wisdom that comes with being a warrior among the war-torn helpless.

How absurd is it, fellow citizen, to blame the people that have no power?  Any American dropped into the badlands of Sonora, or any westerner wandering into a refugee camp in Kurdistan, would quickly realize, were they among those throngs, they would quickly sell everything they never owned just for the chance to get to the slums of London or the kitchens of New York.

What, or whom, does that hatred serve?

Illegal immigration serves the Cantillion class well in many ways.  Their professional careers are never at risk from the low-skilled millions coming across the border.  Think of the myriads they employ, and the millions of dollars they save, by using them – instead of an American citizen armed with rights and a basic education.  The businesses that employ them stay competitive, the taxes they pay fill gaps in municipal budgets.

The criminal element that accompanies and exploits these refugees becomes a cancer on our communities, but the price is paid by those at the bottom end of the spectrum.  It rarely ever reaches the guarded gates of rich enclaves.  The crimes serve to fuel fear and demand for a police force to protect their property – exhausted social workers help exhausted police officers feed criminal aliens to exhausted incarceration facilities, which are criminal training camps on the taxpayer dollar.  The money flows from government budgets to contract corporations for these ‘turn-key solutions to corrections.”

The ‘Population-Management Class,’ of which Congress is a part, uses the media to tell the voters that the other side is to blame, and stokes their passions to make it through to the next election cycle.  Promises are made.  The right, on the side of order, detests the infraction of territorial and legal sovereignty, yet still employs the migrants at their businesses because if they don’t, but their competitors do, they fail.  The right calls for a crackdown across the board.  The left, on the side of short-sighted sympathy, goes to the ideological reserve (racism, xenophobia, hitler), and showers the migrants with what welfare they can extract or print up, and reminds them the money will stop should they or their community stop showing up to the polls for the side that cares to harvest their votes.

Nothing gets done, because those really in charge – the Cantillion class – don’t want the problem to be solved.  For fifty years, ever since our money became fake and endlessly printable, the U.S. dollar has been the world’s most insidious ponzi scheme.  This fraud needs a constant flood of new victims to maintain the upward wealth flow.  Where you or I, fellow citizen, see a caravan of criminals or charity cases, the commanding heights of our economy see cash.  Every one of those men, women, and children will soon be using the dollar, and trapped in the scheme.  They don’t need to register or pay taxes – the wealth is simply stolen through inflation, just like for you and me.

The discord divides, and keeps the fighting amongst us, instead of realizing that someone is stealing from all of us.  Illegal immigration is just another shiny toy to keep the masses distracted, while the federal hand is in all our pockets.

Title 42 will fall as the powers at the top need the influx of fresh suckers to increase – don’t you know we’re in a recession?  As it falls, though, the façade of a government built for and by its citizens shows more of its cracks, and more of us unite.

How does this end?

President Trump correctly stated in 2018, “If you don’t have borders, then you don’t have a country.”  The southern border of the United States, porous to the point of absurdity, should be defended militarily until the Border Patrol agencies, demoralized from years of abuse from politicians and their media that would never dare step foot into the trenches, is revitalized and refitted.  Criminal aliens in every state should be deported immediately and be incarcerated in their home countries.  The current nonsense of feigning indignation, with a wink and a nod, at the border crossers while releasing them into the interior with a new phone, has to end.

What our well-meaning liberal friends don’t understand, as their interests typically do not stray into the profession of arms, is to draw a line in the sand that shall not be passed, and enforce it, will save lives.  To support the men and women who stand on our side of that line will save lives.  To garner the political will to leverage the power of the state to say “no more” – and mean it – will save lives.

Politically, we solve this problem, among the myriad others thrown at us by the commanding heights to distract and divide us, by practicing what every military professional must learn:  maneuver warfare.

We must be savvy, disciplined, and united.  And, as much as I don’t want to say it, we must ask President Trump not to stand for re-election to the presidency.  Ironic, as he was the one that brought this issue to the fore.

Mr. Trump’s position in American cultural and political lore is legend and secure.  His first election was to President of the United States of America, and he won against a political, media, and financial juggernaut designed to mock him and deride us.  He crushed them, and we loved him for it.  I was proud to serve during his administration, both abroad and domestically.

President Trump’s tragic flaw is to force one to take a side.  Like water freezing in the cracks, splitting the mightiest boulders, it wasn’t his fault or ours.  It was just nature.   He had to be aggressive, he had to fight as only he knew how to win.  Anyone who might have said they didn’t follow politics or Mr. Trump as president was immediately suspected of being on the other side.  As much as anyone on our side admired him, someone on the other side loathed him.  As many times as we would defend him and his policies, a hit piece would conveniently drop a bombshell later retracted in the fine print.  Every time we would point out these lies, a thousand fingers of accusation to some imaginary ideological misgiving would point back.  Let us admit it was exhausting.

Another proverb from the battlefield:  if the enemy is making a mistake, don’t interrupt him.  The country’s enemies, the illiberal left, are in disarray.  I know of not a single soul who voted for Mr. Biden that doesn’t today regret it to the point of depression.

Mr. Trump still lives, rent-free, in the minds of half of the country, haunting them daily as the choice they made turns to dirt in their mouths.  As much as our country now regrets the installment of his successor, and despite how much we would fiendishly enjoy the millions of memes that would spring from the wails of his haters both here and around the world as he runs and wins again, we must also admit that he would do the one thing that nothing else can – unite the illiberal left.

His run for another term would breathe new life into a despicable media apparatus barely clinging to existence (CNN+, anyone?) and that now clamors for war, pestilence, disease – anything – that can claw their ratings back.  The media obsession with his run would be another circus, another tool, to distract us from the issues that we have to solve before this nation rips apart.  His subsequent administration, not needing to play nice to get re-elected, may even be doubly-effective in fighting back the cultural and economic forces of evil aligned against him, but would be beset on all sides by doubly-deranged trickery.  Maybe you think the media and the left would play nice with him this time, since they’ve seen the disasters that ensued since his departure that he so precisely predicted – grow up, and get real.

The political left doesn’t have anything to run on or against except Mr. Trump.  Their leader and his team are a constant embarrassment.  Their platforms are so fraught with inconsistencies and double standards that the mental gymnastics needed to follow them are dizzying.

Illegal immigration is a perfect example.  The political left yearns for open borders to dilute the existing voter base, and appear sympathetic to the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” but ignore the rapes and murders, an entire industry of villainy, allowed to exist by the holes in our territorial sovereignty, both physical and legal, and borne onto the migrants by the coyotes that constantly circle the pack.  Surely the ‘party of the working-class’ can see the economic and cultural destruction, unemployment and misery, wrought on the very communities it purports to cherish.  Whether by indifference or malice, their policy is to keep the problem going, because, for the people they serve, it’s not a problem.

Mr. Trump, more than anyone else living, has awoken more people from the dream world in which we were blissfully ignorant – this country owes him a great deal for that.  Were we in a different better moment, President Trump’s second run to the White House would be a spectacle worthy of the most outlandish and sublime in American politics.  We are in the now, though, and we simply can’t weather it.  The federal government, divorced from any sense of financial reality or accountability, has and is borrowing us into a hyperinflationary cycle, just beginning, that will devastate all those using the dollar.  The only recourse is to destroy demand with an impoverishing recession – or maybe another world war.  How about both?

During the current administration, more than two million illegal immigrants have already come across our border.  Two million to add to the almost thirty million already here, unwitting pawns of a system designed to suck them dry as they chase the American dream the real powers decided to steal from the citizenry decades ago.

Poor things, they didn’t know what they were walking into.

Opponents will seize on parts of this letter.  They’ll distort its intent, and not invite me to any parties.  That’s politics.  I’m not here for endorsements.  I’ve come home to Missouri to lead.  I’m here to lead my family, my town, my community, my county, my district, and, hopefully, as their next Congressman – my country – through the hellstorm that is upon us.

This is the year – current year! – to make bold changes in the governance in our country, as the system is simply not working, and the people in power are burning it down, trying to grab everything they can make off with before we figure it out.  Think about what our country might look like in two more years.

Mr. Trump, don’t you dare leave politics or public life.  Transcend the presidency.  Throw your detractors, who would unite in common cause against you, into disarray by never declaring.  As they confusingly waste their time and energy attacking someone that isn’t even in the race (maybe?), they drain their political capital and frustrate the public with their immature incompetence and misplaced malevolence.  They’re begging you to run again, as it may be the only thing that saves them.

Take the slings and shots and spite as you did in your administration – with a smile – and shield a dynamic new generation of leaders, spurred into action by your administration – and, sadly, the current one – as we run up the middle for the win.  Cover us, sir – we’re going in.

And then we start our watch on the wall.

Yours, in service,

Dustin Hill

Sergeant, a long time ago, USMC

Candidate for U.S. Representative, Missouri’s 3rd District

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