Our campaign was recently asked the following questions by a regional Newsmagazine.  Mr. Hill was glad to have the opportunity to provide the following answers, and we look forward to their publication.  [Note: answers were required to be 100 words or less]

Economic stability (consumer goods costs, job growth, a balance of debtors and creditors) creates economic confidence that encourages investment. What areas would you focus on while in office to assure a stable U.S. economy?

Cut spending.  The federal leviathan has overgrown any semblance of constitutional authority, and its myriad programs, projects, agencies, and armed interventions have become covers for grift that impoverish anywhere that isn’t DC.  Inflation is a tax, an insidious leeching of prosperity that is subverting our currency.  Our federal government borrows money to fund itself and its excesses, and indebts future generations.  American citizens, and the rest of the world, are watching – and that subversion is destroying confidence in our economy.  The mismanagement is intentional, and our current political class is either oblivious to it, or in on the scam.

Aside from the economy, what are the nation’s two most immediate needs and how would you work with others to address them?

Our country’s misadventures in armed conflict show we are nearing the natural end of our civilizational cycle.  Congress alone has the power to declare war.  Our elected leaders have instead outsourced their decisions to the DC bubble’s ‘war-as-a-business’ model, in which the national security state seeks to perpetuate itself in endless, low-level engagements globally.

Congress has also outsourced its constitutionally-mandated legislative powers to a plethora of federal agencies, that, in their desire to expand their non-elected powers (and budgets) have infected almost every aspect of our lives.

Congress must reassert itself legislatively.  As a battle-tested leader, I intend to do just that.

What qualifies you for this office (past experience, major accomplishments)?

Since leaving my rural home in Montgomery County in 1998 and enlisting in the Marine Corps, I have worked with or for the federal leviathan, both overseas and domestically.  Having fought through two foreign invasions, I’ve seen the collapse of governments – and have the sober knowledge of the devastation that brings.  Earning my degree in economics, I’ve studied the system that our government uses to enrich itself, and impoverish us through our currency.

Missouri is hiring me to wrestle the overgrown federal monster back to its proper mission.  With over two decades of service, I have the knowledge and fortitude to do that.

What role do you think the U.S. should play in responding to the challenges of the international community?

The international community has benefited greatly from the ‘Pax Americana,’ the order that resulted after WWII.  Had we leaders, both enemy and ally, that understood this and sought to preserve the order, as opposed to subverting it for their own personal ambition and profit, it would not be crumbling now.

If the United States hopes to remain the global hegemon, trade leader, and beacon of liberty to the world – which I hope we do – we must be bold about electing dynamic new leaders that have the experience and vision to reclaim the integrity that put us there in the first place.

What else would you like our readers to know about you before heading to the polls?

Rural Missouri is my home.  It always has been, even during my military, educational, and business years abroad.  The American taxpayers have been generous.  They’ve paid millions of dollars for me to become the educated and experienced citizen I am.

Now that I’ve come home (hopefully for good), it is my duty to pay them back with my experience and knowledge.  Sadly, there is no need to travel abroad to find conflict – the battle for our country is here now, and the optimal place to serve is in the U.S. Congress as the Representative of Missouri’s 3rd District, my home. I humbly ask for their trust on August 2nd – I dare not fail them in this new mission.

Dustin Hill
Candidate for U.S. Representative, Missouri’s 3rd District

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