I am a pro-life candidate.

I applaud the Supreme Court’s brave decision to overturn the Roe v Wade ruling.  That ruling was always bad law and precedent and was part of our federal government stretching the Constitution into areas never intended.

The left will continue to make this an issue for political capital, even though the ruling did not outlaw abortion.  The mindless waves of people screaming in the streets that women (yes, women!) won’t be able to receive “reproductive health care” are useful to the left as a voting and intimidation mob.  That is part of the reason they never attempt to codify abortion into federal law.

Sadly, whether the return of this issue to the jurisdiction of the individual states results in a greater number of unborn lives being saved remains unknown.  The liberal states may, in reaction to conservative states outlawing the practice, decide to loosen restrictions on abortion to obscene allowances.

The country will continue to fracture along ideological lines, and this issue will be among the fissures.

As a federal Representative, my focus must remain on returning the federal government to the limited realms prescribed in the Constitution.  As abhorrent as we may feel about liberal abortion practices, we must resist using the federal government as the tool to crush them.

The obscene celebrations of abortion that we’re witnessing in the streets and online are the visible symptoms of a sick society.  We must return sovereignty to our families by removing the State from every aspect of our lives.  The federal government, by trying to “help,” has instead destroyed our families and communities for generations, and we have been forced to subsidize this destruction.

Medical Mandates

I am against medical, including vaccine, mandates.  Sovereignty begins with personal autonomy over one’s physical self.

It was especially appalling to see governments at all levels use the recent pandemic crisis as a grab bag of infringements into personal liberties.  The Bill of Rights does not have an asterisk or footnote that reads, “May be suspended in case of a new virus.”

Equally unsettling was the abandonment of personal rights by many of our citizens during the coronavirus episode.  They bizarrely welcomed the intrusion of the government mandates into their lives and then insisted that government compel their neighbors into the same sometimes ridiculous behavior.

It became a ‘Tyranny of the Fearful,’ and the government was all too eager to exploit the crisis to expand their power.  Governments’ unlawful interdictions created havoc within our economy, elections, families, communities, and businesses.  Most concerning was that it created perverse incentives for future ‘variants.’

The coronavirus programs and allocations were brazen in their corruption, and malevolent in creating ‘sorting mechanisms’ for capital.  If you went along with the government and got the shot, wore the mask, etc., you were rewarded with continued employment and access to restaurants, events, life, and the occasional riot.  If you were skeptical or unwilling to comply, you were dismissed, or, to the government’s glee, harassed by unpaid activists for the authoritarian line.

(The same people expressing the “My Body, My Choice” assertion of physical sovereignty in the case of abortion strangely are the same ones that support medical mandates in the case of compelled vaccination.)

The silent skeptical majority will be vindicated in the end, but the degradation to our society will remain.  That degradation involved governments using the private sector to compel citizens to comply with an experimental medical procedure.  It must never be allowed again.

Yours, in service,

Dustin Hill

Candidate for U.S. Representative, Missouri’s 3rd District

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